Hospital Bag Checklist

Clothes for Birthing Person

o   Pajamas or Sweatpants

o   Warm socks

o   Nursing bra/ tank top

o   Maternity clothes to come home

o   Sweater

Toiletries for Birthing Person

o   Brush

o   Hair ties/ headband

o   Lip balm

o   Toothbrush

o   Toothpaste

o   Deodorant

o   Glasses

o   Shower essentials

For Partner/ Support Person

o   Change of clothes

o   Button down shirt (for skin to skin)

o   Toiletries

o   Blanket

o   Bottle drinks

o   Snacks

o   Gum and mints

o   Money for vending machine 

o Shorts to go in the shower or birth tub with partner

For Baby

o   Car Seat

o   Blanket 

o   Going home outfit 

o   Extra outfit

o   Vaseline

o   Wipes

o   Diapers

o   2 receiving Blankets

o Soother (optional)


o   Hospital admission forms

o   Driver’s license

o   Health care card

o   Obstetrician Contact Information

o   Pediatrician Contact Information

o   Copy of Social Insurance Card

Extras (optional)

o   Music & speaker

o   Snacks

o   Handheld massager

o   Camera

o   Phone

o   Phone charger

o   List of people to call/ message

o   Credit card/ money for parking (usually about $15/day)

o   Pillow

o   Breastfeeding pillow

o   “Focus” item

o   Tens Unit

o   Squeeze Ball