Testimonials from past families …

Cayla supported my husband and I through the birth of our second child. From our first prenatal meeting, Cayla showed us such warmth and caring and was genuinely invested in helping me have the type of birth that I wanted. Her knowledge on pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum is profound and evidence-based, which helped my husband and I make the best informed decisions for our family. During labour, Cayla was a calm and supportive presence and provided the emotional and physical support I needed to have an unmedicated VBAC - something I don’t think I could have done without her! We are also so grateful to have the photos and videos that she captured throughout my labour and delivery. Thank you Cayla for your steady support, kindness and reassurrance and for helping to make our daughter’s birth such a wonderful experience!
— M & A

When I was researching Doula’s in Calgary, I was looking for someone who would be non-judgemental, passionate and caring. Cayla Caufield not only possessed these traits but exceeded my expectations! Cayla was with me through 33 hours of hard, long labour. Cayla offered exceptional support and coaching for myself and for my husband throughout the entire experience. My husband and I also took our Child Birth Education course through Cayla and we were very impressed with how in-depth and thorough it was, she made us feel much more prepared for what was to come! I highly recommend hiring Cayla to be your Doula or for CBE classes, she is exactly the person you want by your side through one of the biggest moments in your life!
— A & L

My birth experience was both beautiful and incredibly difficult. There were so many things that went differently than we had hoped for and I can honestly say that having Cayla by my side for all of it was a big part of what got me through. She was kind and encouraging, honest and knowledgable. I always felt like I was in good hands with her around and like I could lean on her when things got difficult. We had a pretty traumatic experience after my daughter was born and Cayla was by my side the whole time comforting me and supporting both my husband and I. But our experience with Cayla was not limited to the birth of our daughter, she was so helpful to us leading up to it and even afterwards. Because of her support and encouragement, I believe that I have been given a beautiful start into motherhood by feeling empowered through her affirmations, teachings and friendship. I will always look back on my birth experience with a lot of emotion, but I will never look back and feel alone.
— A & C

When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, I knew I wanted to hire a doula. I knew we would need support and also, frankly, we needed an education on what we were about to go through. After a couple meetings that just did not click right away for us, we met Cayla. Immediately I felt so comfortable. I could tell she took this doula job very seriously, was deeply committed to her work and that she was super educated... yet her personality was so kind, calm and inviting. She embodies a joyful, happy spirit which I loved right away. She wanted to know about me, what I was looking for and what was important to us in a doula. She made me feel important instead of like another time slot to fill in her doula schedule. I learned her practice is also based on evidence based research which was important to us. I left our coffee date feeling so excited for the journey and empowered about the idea of labour for the first time since becoming pregnant. I knew right away that Cayla was our doula.

She came to our home 3 times to help us with child birth education and to gain an understanding of what was to come. We created a birth plan of what we ideally hoped for in our sons birth but she helped us understand that any of it could change in a moment (and it did!). She prepared us for all kind of situations yet never overwhelmed us. Anytime I had questions outside our meetings, she answered them promptly via text or email and even loaned us books that immensely helped us prepare.

Then came labour. I honestly could not have done what I did, without Cayla. We made a plan based on what I wanted-no drugs, all natural- and we stuck to it. She gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. Looking back I have no idea how I did it, but it is most certainly due to Cayla’s support in preparing and coaching us. She helped my hubby to how to help in the process, assist with contractions, keep a calm environment and positively encourage me. She made sure he felt prepared, capable and involved as much as he wanted. She constantly told me I could do it...and I did. I believed her- she made me feel SO capable and empowered and like super woman. My birth was the hardest and most rewarding experience of my life. My success is in great part thanks to Cayla and I will forever be so grateful.

(She also took photos which I will forever cherish.)

Since our little man was born, Cayla has been to our home several times to see him which we know is above and beyond her scope of work...but we feel like she is part of our family. She helped us bring the most amazing blessing into the world and did it while helping us celebrate the process. I think that is rare and we are so grateful we found her. I can assure you - you will be so happy to have Cayla as part of your journey. She is more than a doula to us and I suspect she will be to you too.
— J & D

Thank you so much for your fantastic support! The delivery wouldn’t have been so positive without you being there for us! You are truly an amazing doula!
— D&V

She is wonderful person. She helped me exactly how I needed, and even more than that. I recommend her services for every new mom.
— N

My labour was progressing very slowly and after 24 hours of continous hard work my birth doula had to call for her backup- this was when Cayla stepped in and she stayed with me for the final hours of the labour. She was absolutely amazing! She brought some fresh energy to the room and her warm and approachable personality made me trust her instantly. She was knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to, and I felt very comfortable around her. She really went above and beyond to provide as much comfort for me as possible. She was there to hold my hand when I was in pain, to help me focus on my breath, to offer iced water when I was too tired to even realize that I was thirsty. She was there to support emotionally both me and my husband, and she constantly assured me that I was doing great. She was my guide and she was telling me what to do when I couldn’t think clearly anymore. She was there when my baby was born, and she even offered to take pictures with my camera to capture that beautiful moment for me (something that I didn’t even think about!)- thanks to her I have a really precious souvenir from that day. She stayed with me after the delivery and helped with the first breastfeeding, and she didn’t leave until she was sure that my baby and I are doing good and were ready for rest.

Cayla is a wonderful, gifted doula and she is passionate about her job. She helped to make my birthing experience extraordinary and without her there it would have been so much more difficult for me to go through that process. Thank you, Cayla!
— m

Thanks to my doula my birthing experience was amazing. She was a great help and without her there it would have been so much more difficult for me to go through this unique experience.
— M&A
I am so glad that Cayla was our doula for the birth of our daughter. The experience ended up being much more challenging and stressful than I anticipated and I’m so glad Cayla was there for us during that time. She was a calming presence who empowered both my husband and I to make choices that led to the best possible outcome for my daughter and me. Cayla’s support before and during the birth was invaluable to us.

Cayla is knowledgeable, professional and very caring. What I really love about her is that she focused on helping us have the best possible birth experience by enabling us identify the things that were most important to us. Although the birth went much differently than I had hoped, it was still a wonderful and happy experience, thanks to Cayla’s support and presence.
— F & B

Cayla is a terrific doula. Super professional & supportive. We learned a lot about delivery. Thank you, Cayla!
— d

We got to know Cayla, when we were preparing for the delivery of our 2nd child and Cayla was referenced to us by Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre. My husband and I, we immediately connected and developed a trustworthy relationship with Cayla from day one. She is an incredible doula and is very knowledgeable. On the day of my delivery in July, I was waiting for the contractions in the triage and actually was initially struggling to come to the next stage. Once Cayla arrived, she not only psychologically assisted me and my husband, but also gave a number of hints and tips how to trigger regular contractions without any medication. We spent some time waking, breathing, talking, etc. During this time I felt very much supported by Cayla and her various techniques to reach the desired opening. Later in the delivery room, my husband and I we were also truly grateful that Cayla was there for us. All in all, she is an amazing doula, excellent professional and an incredible human being! We were super happy to be supported by Cayla during our trouble-free and easy delivery! Two thumbs up and 5 stars go to Cayla!
— D&Co